Shopify POS vs Square POS: Examining the Pros and Cons

Shopify POS vs Square POS: Examining the Pros and Cons

The e-commerce industry is constantly evolving. The virtual industry is rapidly changing traditional shopping methods. Moreover, the many software programs result in ease of operation. For instance, Shopify and Square, both enjoy a stellar reputation in the e-commerce world. The multitude of options in both software makes them viable options for businesses. But which of these has an edge over the other? We will do a detailed Shopify POS vs Square POS comparison. The pros and cons of both software will help determine the platform with the upper hand.

Shopify POS vs Square POS

Point of Sales systems are a necessity in today’s market. Both these systems are readily used in the e-commerce industry. Additionally, frequent updates continue to expand features. However, selection between the two can be a tough task. Particularly, because both have numerous features.

A detailed comparison between the two can give a more clear picture. Let’s check out the benefits and drawbacks of them both.

Quick and Efficient Transactions

Fast order processing enhances customer experience. A POS system cash register for grocery stores ensures smooth and rapid checkout. Moreover, the smart system provides more payment options. This helps to increase the customer base.

Also, the system allows easy implementation of promotions and discounts. Owners can use the features at any point in time.

Shopify POS Pros

Listed below are the major pros of Shopify POS.

Strong E-Commerce Integration

The system integrates with other softwares. Additionally, users can sync it with their online store. This creates an omnichannel experience.

Free Trial Option

The software provides a free trial option. Consequently, businesses can check the software. The free trial allows businesses to get a hang of the software. Afterwards, they can decide if the software is worth the money.

Off-line Cash Transactions

Credit and debit aren’t possible in offline mode. Fortunately, the system offers off-line payment options. For instance, cash and other payment methods for transactions.

24/7 Support

The smart software offers 24/7 support. The options include by phone, e-mail or live support.

Modern Interface

A modern and intuitive interface makes the software visually appealing. Moreover, the interface is very easy to use.

Easy Scalability

The modern system is easily scalable. The software can grow from single businesses to multi-location retailers

Shopify POS Cons

Besides the numerous pros, there are a few drawbacks too. Let’s go through them in detail.

Subscription Fees

Each plan has a different subscription fee. The cost can be high for special plans. Particularly, for businesses struggling to find their feet.

Offline Payment Limitation

Businesses cannot process payments offline. This can be a setback in some conditions. For instance, if a business needs an urgent payout.

Third-Party Processing Fees

The platform charges an additional processing fee. However, it only happens when making transactions outside Shopify’s system.

In the Shopify POS vs Square POS comparison, we will now take a look at the pros and cons of Square POS.

Square POS Pros

Here are some key advantages of Square POS.

Free Basic Plan

The basic plan is free for all users. Therefore, businesses can make use of this great offer. This is a huge plus. Particularly, for e-commerce startups.

Offline Features

Offline features make the software more appealing. Unlike some other software, the offline feature is a standout.

Easy Integration

Businesses can easily integrate offers into the system. For instance, gift cards and loyalty programs among more.

Easy Setup

The system is rather easy to set up. Moreover, the interface is easy to use. Businesses need not spend hefty amounts on training.

Square POS Cons

Here is a list of some cons of the system.

Add-On Charges

The basic plan is free for all users. However, add-ons come at a price. This can be an issue, particularly for new businesses.

Limited Phone Support

The software falls short when it comes to phone support. The service isn’t available 24/7. Consequently, businesses may find it difficult in some instances.

Not Feasible for High-Volume Transactions

Although no monthly fee, high-volume transaction fees can add up to a fair amount. Companies end up spending more than anticipated.

Can You Use Square With Shopify?

Yes, you can use both platforms together. However, there is no direct integration. You have to opt for third-party apps to initiate the process.

Does Square Integrate with Shopify?

Yes, it can integrate with Shofiy’s interface. But, the integration is not native.

Is Square Offline?

Yes, it is possible to use Square offline. The system stores the payments when offline. Moreover, the process carries on when you come back online.

How to Rearrange Services on Square?

Go to the ‘Enable Online Booking’ option and click on ‘Manage’. Then select Manage service and category order. Drag and drop the services in the order you want.

What is Shopify POS?

It is a smart point of sales software for businesses. Owners can use the software for both online and in-person dealings. Moreover, they can keep both systems in sync simultaneously.

Here, we end the Shopify POS vs Square POS comparison. Both the point-of-sales systems are popular among the masses. The decision comes down to business preferences and budgets. For new and small businesses Square is a feasible option. Whereas, large businesses can make use of Shopify POS.

Either way, both have their specific set of advantages and disadvantages. Evaluate your business needs and then come to a decision.

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