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We are delivering the pos solution for a very long time, and our CISePOS is the most effective and efficient POS system based on the futuristic cloud-based technology providing the desired result & easiness to the clients as promised.

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The easiest way to manage your business through cloud-based technology

CISePOS is one of the most recognized and ultimate choices for the cloud-based point of sale system. We established in 1988 with an objective to cater the growing need of IT solutions for businesses. We have been providing software and hardware solutions for both public and private sector clients for almost 3-decades. Our solutions are powering major industries and stores in Malaysia, Pakistan and beyond.

Our ClSePOS is one of the most user-friendly cloud-based pos systems for the clients & it’s a cost-effective one as well because of that we are gaining our popularity in various business sectors of Malaysia including the retail, restaurant and other businesses. We understand very profoundly how pos can help a business to grow and provide empowerment to its owners for making effective decision’s that’s why CISePOS will be the wise choice for your business.

If you are searching for a cloud-based POS which can be a useful tool in the growth of your business in Malaysia, contact us to experience the best solution.

Cloud-based POS for restaurant businesses

Cloud Restaurant POS Solution is designed carefully keeping in mind the challenges which are faced by the restaurant businesses. Our system will give you the proper assistance in planning the production of order and will help in reducing the unnecessary wastage of the items. Experience the powerful, intelligent & optimized cloud-based pos system.

Flexible payments

Support all the types of payments cash and cards.

Real-time reporting

Generate reports at any time according to your requirements.

Tableside management

You can deal & manage your customers with satisfactory services.

Powerful menu management

Add Photo & description to each food item for smooth order processing.

Multiple product variants control

Add multiple products, toppings & sizes as per customer’s demand.

Customizable menu

Create a menu in minutes. You can also add or remove items anytime.

Dine-in, take away, and delivery

Process each order in CISePOS by assigning it to the waiter or rider.

Refunds and discounts

Refund, taxes, deals & discounts, or tips, all can be managed perfectly.

Customer data management

Complete access on data associated with the customer by a click away.

Order management

Offer smart services to visitors.

Powerful dashboard

Easily manage profitability with detailed graphs on daily performance.

CISePOS offline mode

No dependency on internet use it when there is no connection available & it will be synced once you’re are connected.

Cloud-based POS for retail businesses

Our intelligent cloud-based POS is designed in such which will play an effective role in the growth of your business more than to your expectations. You will have all the desired tools available to manage all your business needs and analytics to make better decisions by just a click.

Flawless data management

From sales to customers data, keep everything aligned seamlessly.

Speedy checkout

Fast check out process provides customer satisfaction.

Smoothly designed dashboard

All key information on your dashboard

Smoothly designed dashboard

All key information on your dashboard.

Easy to use & understand

Its been designed in such a way that anyone can use no technical training required.

Swift sales reporting

Reports at your discrete you can have at any time of the day based on your requirements.

Remote access

You can enjoy the luxury of accessing your system anywhere in the world through the internet.

Creating promotions, a breeze

Discount offers to the customer loyalty program, add changes with ease.

Analyze sales data

Sales can be seen in graphs for better understanding.

Analytics on your palm

You will the smart analytical insight of your business which will help you in making an effective business decision.

Support all payment methods

To provide customer ease regarding payments method, our ClSePOS supports all major payment platforms.

Also Works Offline

Our system has the capabilities to work offline even when there is no internet so that your business cannot be affected.

POS Software
The Future of POS

CISePOS is designed on cloud-based technology keeping in mind the needs of retails & restaurant business in Malaysia. Our CISePOS will record each of your business transaction in real moment. CISePOS is so smart that its functionality will disturb even when there is no internet connection is available. All the transaction which are performed during offline mode will be synced to our secure cloud serve one’s the connection to the internet is established.

Smart Integration

Keeping in the business needs of retail and restaurant sector of Malaysia, our system has the complete capability to integrate with the different delivery system so that you enjoy the management of all the platforms from our CloudePOS system.

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All Payment Platform Support

Our CISePOS is designed in such a way to support all the payment platforms including visa, Mastercard and many more so that businesses don’t have to worry about from not having one.