Quick & Easy Integrated Payment Solutions for Smooth Operations

Make payment processing seamless and fast with CISePOS’s integrated payments feature. It provides a hassle-free solution to all your payment needs whether you want to sell in-store or online, you can align your sales and get paid all in one place.

CISEPOS Dashboard Layout

Accurate, Fast & Reliable POS Payment System:

Integrated payment solutions offered by CISePOS allow the customers to make payments directly through the payment portal instead of using the credit card device. It makes the process secure as well as auto-updates the merchant when the payment has been made.


Make Speedy Checkouts:

CISePOS’s integrated payment processing system makes it easier for you to serve more customers and offer them great customer service by ensuring faster checkouts and reducing waiting time while allowing you to easily access mobile payments.


Avoid Entry Duplication:

This retail payment solution minimizes the chances of duplicate entry in both the software as well as the credit card device. It improves accuracy and decreases human errors for a precise concluding reconciliation.


Broad Payment Options:

Whether your customers are paying through cards, bills, or coins, our payment mechanism lets you accept all payment types so that you can offer more flexibility to the customers without having to compromise on your sales.


Input Information Once:

In case if your customer has made a refund, you will not need to ask for credit card details, since all of the information will be secured in the system for your reference. It will save time and effort of entering data again and again


Ensure Business Safety:

Make your business secure and protect it against any possible theft with CISePOS’s integrated payment solutions. As all of the data is saved in the cloud, all of your transactions remain secure through constant monitoring and advanced safety features.

Opt for a Flexible Yet Smooth Payment Process

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